Writing Samples

“For Country”

Genre: RPG, Thriller

Short slice of a script for a Cold War-inspired, isometric spy RPG.

“Black Magic RPG”

Genre: Urban fantasy, crime, RPG

Short scene for an open world RPG set in a metropolis full of thieves and criminals, all who wield magical abilities.

“Assassin in the Grocery Store”

Genre: Thriller

Short interactive fiction exercise that implements some randomization to tell the story. Made in Twine. This involved some research on coding, which I was able to implement into the narrative of the game.

During the writing process, I wanted to incorporate some form of randomization to the narrative, as well as the use staggered lines to create tension.

For randomization, I sought out some code that allowed for randomized snippets of text if the player chose to continue to work at the end, hoping to make the player sympathize with the character’s exhaustion with their job as an assassin.

The bits of staggered text also allowed me to create some neat effects that allowed text to appear after a few seconds. This was to create some tension in the narrative.

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