My name is Alex Puncekar and I am a writer and game designer. Here is a list of the projects I have worked on, which covers both team-based and solo ventures.


It’s In the Vents!

It’s In the Vents! is space horror, letter writing tabletop roleplaying game for a solitary player, and is a hack of All We Love We Leave Behind by Adam X. Voss, created with permission from the author.

You are part of a research team far off in space. You are your crew encounter… something that chases you, something that wants you dead. Write updates to your bosses, telling them what’s happening, what might be hunting you. Draw cards to determine what happens next… and whether or not you survive.

I am the creator, writer, and game designer. Written for the Ad Astra Game Jam.

Final Round

Final Round is a one-page, micro tabletop RPG where you can create interesting, rounded, and over-the-top warriors and pit them against other players in one-on-one fights. Use dice to determine hits and dodges, break deadlocks, and use signature moves, ultimately telling collaborative stories between two fighters. In the final round, who will be victorious?

I am the creator, writer, and game designer.


You are a starship pilot on the way home from a exploration mission when your ship is damaged and crashes on an unknown planet. Explore the planet and its various biomes to find parts to fix your ship, while also helping out the locals and trying to make friends with them. Make a decision where your home is: whether it’s in the stars or here on this new world.

Written for the Global Game Jam 2019. Served as co-writer.

A Haunting: Witching Hour (Enyx Studios)

A Haunting: Witching Hour is a storytelling video game of dark horror and desperate survival. An immersive experience finds players discovering and taking part in a rich story that explores the dark corners of human nature.

Served as the lead writer (2016-2017).

Short Fiction

“Steep is the Price, Far is the Fall” – Out of Tartarus: A Hades Game Inspired Fanzine, 2021.

Contributed a Hades-inspired piece of fiction. All proceeds go to UNICEF’s mission to aid in the Yemen Crisis.

“Bad Beat” – Jenny Magazine, 2017.

Third Place Winner in the 2017 Jenny Magazine Flash Fiction contest.

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